Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?
Wikipedia defines a virtual assistant:

is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

  • The jobs Virtual Assistants do vary widely, but some areas include administrative, technical, creative, graphics, social media, and more.
  • A Virtual Assistant is a partner, not an employee.
  • A Virtual Assistant works from their own office and communicates through online through various media including email, Skype, or phone.
What are the advantages of using a Virtual Assistant?
  • VAs are cost-effective – you pay your Virtual Assistant on an as-needed basis.  Some offer hourly rates while others offer package deals.
  • No overhead – Virtual Assistants work remotely and do not require office space.
  • No extra costs like benefits, physical equipment, etc.
  • VAs reduce stress because you don’t have to deal with the mundane tasks and can concentrate on what you love to do.
  • Virtual Assistants free up your time to grow your business.
Why would I use a Virutal Assistant
There are so many reasons why you would us a Virtual Assistant.  Here are a few:

  • Use a Virtual Assistant when you are overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks, the mundane work that holds you back from doing what you love to do.
  • Use a VA when you need skills you may not have, like graphic design, Excel/Powerpoint/Word skills, or online marketing skills, to name a few.
  • Use a VA when you need another, impartial person to be your back up, the second set of eyes, or someone to bounce ideas off.
How much is it going to cost me
My rate is $25.00 per hour.

You can buy blocks of time that save you some change.  I also have some packages available.

When we develop a strong relationship, we can come up with a package tailored to fit your needs.

You can find my rates here: RATES

How many hours do I need to sign up for?
Here’s the beauty of having a virtual assistant – you are not obliged to sign a long-term contract. If you need someone for just one hour a week or 10 hours a week, it’s up to you.  I’ll be here for you with no judgment!

If you’re not sure about hiring a virtual assistant, you can hire me for a short time – 5 hours over a 2 week period – as a “try me”.   If you like having an assistant, we can work on a retainer package. Or if you prefer you can just stick with the pay-as-you-go arrangement.

Will it work for me?
If this is your first time hiring a virtual assistant, it’s a good question to ask yourself.

  • Are you open to doing business a new way?
  • Are you confident in using email, instant messaging, or Skype to communicate your tasks?
  • Are you able to delegate tasks and let go of some responsibility?
  • Are you available to answer questions and offer some guidance especially when you first start working together?

If you’re not sure, you can always try it out for 5 hours over a 2 week period.   If you find having a virtual assistant is not for you, there’s no more commitment.

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